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Step 1: Get the book

As a companying guide to the training, I also made a very beautiful designed WorkBook for this training.

It's a 95 page PDF.

You can fill the pdf with your own insights and thoughts and then save it so that whenever you are ready you can work on your journey to become more self-motivated.

Here are some things you’ll learn when you read the book:

➡️ How even the most mundane things can give your life more meaning and fulfillment… Page 7
➡️ A surprising tactic to solve problems effortlessly … Page 8
➡️ How to find diamonds nearly everywhere … Page 9
➡️ Why the third benefit of having a long-term vision makes you extremely effective … Page 10
➡️ The 7 step process to design your life … Page 11
➡️ How to boost your motivation by thinking in pictures … Page 12
➡️ The 2 words that can transform your life in a very positive way … Page 13
➡️ The 6 layers of a compelling vision statement and how to align them … Page 16
➡️ Why I refused to pack my bags the night before my flight from Hawai’i to The Netherlands … Page 26
➡️ The wisdom from 1955 which still holds true today and which demotivates you … Page 27
➡️ How to get in panic mode and how to get out of it … Page 28
➡️ How my 11 o’clock taxi made me extremely motivated … Page 29
➡️ The 4 step process to boost your motivation … Page 31
➡️ How to write more words in the same time span … Page 33
➡️ How the illusion of straight lines demotivate you … Page 38
➡️ The 7 step process which prevents you from getting demotivated ever again … Page 40
➡️ How changing your perspective 180 degrees makes the difference between day and night .. Page 48
➡️ The 5 step process to reframe everything … Page 51
➡️ Why getting a rejection letter is actually a good thing … Page 52
➡️ Why you and I are not on CNN … Page 64
➡️ Why staying under target doesn’t have to mean bad news … Page 65
➡️ How my conversion rates fluctuate like crazy and what you can learn from it … Page 66
➡️ How to connect the dots … Page 67
➡️ What you can learn from Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to motivation … Page 68
➡️ Why you want to be better than me … Page 69
➡️ How these 5 challenging questions will motivate you to do even better … Page 69
➡️ How my buddy Maarten motivates me and vice versa … Page 70
➡️ The optimal number of times you should craft your long-term vision … Page 74
➡️ How my vision board looked like back in the 1990s … Page 75
➡️ The thing with chasing two rabbits … Page 76
➡️ How to know what success looks like … Page 77
➡️ Will it be a self-fulfilling prophecy or not? … Page 80
➡️ The 3 things you need to know about me … Page 90
➡️ The 2 books you’ll want to read … Page 91
➡️ The 1 training that will double your productivity, success, and happiness and bring your life to the next level … Page 92
➡️ … and much more!

This book is only 95 pages but it is PACKED with valuable content on every single page. ?

And you know what's cool about this book?

You get to make this book even better by adding all your brilliant ideas to it!

The S.T.A.R.T. Method Workbook is a fillable PDF you can use again and again. And every time you get back to it, you will have the chance to enrich it with even better ideas!

It's like a diary but then of your future dream life! ?

I am trying out a new way of selling: Pay-As-You-Want. So, while this workbook normally sells for $37, you are now totally free to pay whatever amount you want. Because you see, some people earn little money and can only pay $5 while other people earn big money and can easily pay $87. With this new way of selling my book, I want to give the people with little money also the chance to buy this workbook and get more motivated and become more successful. So, go ahead and just pay what you want but please be nice!

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Enjoy the Training!

Get yourself motivated!

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Harry Heijligers


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