It's Time to Take Your Financial Models to the Next Level!

Jane Doe

Business Analist

I was surprised of the life changing power of that one extra button in Excel! I now feel totally confident when I present my financial models to my clients!

Maarten Bessems


What You’ll Get When You Use Excel Analyzer Software

When you start using our Excel Analyzer Software,

 your life will get as easy as 1-2-3

1. Download Excel Analyzer.

Download our Excel Analyzer software and install the button into your Microsoft Excel.

2. Open your financial model.

Choose which financial model you want to analyze and open the file.

3. Click "Analyze" and let the magic do it's work!

Just click the "Analyze" button and watch what happens. Within seconds you will get a full report of all potential errors in your financial model and how to fix them.

About Maarten Bessems

"Microsoft Excel is extremely powerful  and yet very dangerous. It's my mission to eliminate the risks of spreadsheet errors and increase the power of your financial models."

Why They Recommend Using a Excel Analyzer Software

Don't take our word for it. This is what your colleagues say about using our Excel Analyzer Software:

martha Jones

Financial Modeling

The user-friendly interface and efficient analysis process make it incredibly easy to use Excel Analyzer. And the ability to analyze spreadsheets of any size is a huge plus. I also appreciate the excellent customer support and regular updates that the team provides to improve the service.

Shawn parker

Business Analist

As a business analyst, I rely heavily on Microsoft Excel to analyze data and build financial models for my clients. However, the potential for errors in these models is always a concern, which is why I started using Excel Analyzer. This add-on has been an incredibly useful tool in helping me identify and correct potential flaws in my spreadsheets.

Jessica Sanders

Senior Accountant

Excel Analyzer has been a game-changer for us, offering real-time analysis and flagging of potential errors, which allows us to quickly identify and fix any issues. Not only has this increased the accuracy of our financial models, but it has also saved us time and mitigated risks. 

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