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As much as 80% of adult success comes from Emotional Intelligence according to Daniel Goleman. This is why EI is one of the key factors in developing Smart Leadership.

In this category I want to develop a series of articles devoted to the subject of Emotional Intelligence or EI, so that it will help you in developing your Smart Leadership skills.

Emotional Intelligence is the skill to identify, qualify and manage emotions in yourself and in others in a positive way. According to Boyatzis and Mckee (2005) is EI the most critical success factor in determining the difference between mediocre leades and excellent leaders.

Exactly this, is the reason why the Smart Leadership Hut is devoting a large proportion of articles and course material to EI.

Daniel Goleman determined four quadrants for Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Self Consciousness
  2. Social Consciousness
  3. Self Management
  4. Social Skills

As a Smart Leader you need to develop a balance over all four quadrants. In 0rder to accomplish this, you need to be aware of your skills by doing a self assessment and maintaining an EI Score Card.

Emotional Intelligence Quotes to ignite your Smart Leadership skills

Emotional Intelligence is a critical success factor in Smart Leadership. That’s why I wrote this post with Emotional Intelligence quotes to give you some daily inspiration.

If you read one quote every day and also read the corresponding lesson for Smart Leadership, than your unconscious mind will let it sink in, creating a much better awareness and understanding of the principles behind Smart Leadership. So read on for your daily dose of Emotional Intelligence quotes:

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