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    Harry Heijligers has more than 25 years of experience as a Project Manager and more than 17 years of experience as an NLP Trainer. He has a Dutch blog about NLP here: HarryHeijligers.com. If you'd like to know about the Smart Leadership Hut, please check this: Smart Leadership Hut.

    What is Visualization and what are creative visualization techniques?

    Creative Visualization techniques have been used by successful people to visualize their goals and visions since the beginning of humanity. The reason is that visualization techniques can help you to increase the focus on your goals and to maintain the focus on your goals. Both are necessary to realize your goals eventually. And achieving your goals is the ultimate measure of success. So, if you want to be successful, then this article will give you some superpowers as for getting results: creative visualization techniques.

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    Paradigm Shift as a powerful tool to gain influence over your stakeholders

    Paradigm shift can be of great importance for you as a project manager, while gaining influence over your stakeholders. Paradigm shift is a term first used by Thoma Kuhn, the well-known physicist, philosopher and historian of science. According to Kuhn, scientific revolutions are not a matter of incremental advance; they involve paradigm shifts. Talk of paradigms and paradigm shifts has since become commonplace — not only in science, but also in business, social movements and beyond.

    So, what exactly, is a paradigm shift? Or, for that matter, a paradigm?

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    Anadiplosis definition & Anadiplosis examples to power up your message!

    Have you ever heard of the anadiplosis? Probably not! But it is nevertheless a very handy tool for you as a project manager, to get more influence over your stakeholders. If you want to get more attention from your stakeholders for your message then read all about the anadiplosis definition below, as well as anadiplosis examples. Because, as you know, it is the project manager's main job to influence all of his stakeholders in the project. But ...

    How do you get your message to stick in the heads of your stakeholders?

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    Anacoluthon to bypass the critical conscious mind of your stakeholders

    Anacoluthon is one of the rhetorical devices and can help you overcome resistance within your stakeholders.

    As a project manager, you are dealing with change every day. But for most people change is scary. So, when you get to deal with your stakeholders in your projects, chances are that you get resistance. Resistance against your project in general or against specific deliverables of your project.


    How do you deal with resistance within your stakeholders?

    In this article, I want to teach you a time-tested technique for dealing with resistance: the anacoluthon. So, if you can use some extra tools to deal with resistance within your stakeholders, please read on:

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    How to use Adynaton to convince your spouse

    Adynaton is one of the rhetorical devices you can choose to use to gain more influence over your stakeholders. There are various types of rhetorical devices and Adynaton is just one of them. In this article I will tell you what it is and how you can use it to get more influence. And as a bonus I will show an example of how to use this rhetorical device to convince your spouse, so read on:

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    Logos Examples

    Logos examples can serve you well for learning how to make your arguments stronger, which will help you to convince your stakeholders much easier.

    But before we dive into logos examples, let’s first define what we are talking about (aka What is Logos?):

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    Emotional Intelligence Quotes to ignite your Smart Leadership skills

    Emotional Intelligence is a critical success factor in Smart Leadership. That’s why I wrote this post with Emotional Intelligence quotes to give you some daily inspiration.

    If you read one quote every day and also read the corresponding lesson for Smart Leadership, than your unconscious mind will let it sink in, creating a much better awareness and understanding of the principles behind Smart Leadership. So read on for your daily dose of Emotional Intelligence quotes:

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