What others say ...

Harry is a skilfull project manager with dedication to whatever he sets his mind to.

Great with managing the internal organisation, excellent with managing demanding clients.

Maurice Janssen Duijghuijssen

Harry is the archetype of a project manager:

He will do everything to deliver agreed targets and exceeds in verbal and written communication.

Harry is able to get commitment from CEO to Customer Service Agent by using convincing communication.

Tom van Buitenen  

Harry has the talent to unwrap complex situations, to create structure, while using the right methods to accomplish great results in time.

Yves Vanderlinden

The current KPI's of Smart Leadership Hut are stated below and will be frequently updated:

25 years of experience in the Project Management area
18 years of experience as a NLP trainer and Management trainer
3 FREE e-books
1 Fantastic Smart Leadership Training
0 Articles on Smart Leadership items

The "Team"


The "Team" of SmartLeadershipHut consists as of now  only out of Harry Heijligers.

It is unclear yet if the team will expand or not. Let's wait and see ...