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They Say...

Maarten Bessems


“Distractions are a very nasty thing! They have the potential to ruin your life.
Harry Heijligers' training was very helpful to me because I'm now more capable in managing the daily distractions.
This helped me to be more productive and as a business owner this automatically means more revenue and income!"

Fanny Ellen

Book Editor

“I always felt as if I was sleep-walking. At the end of the day I had nothing done and didn't know where my time was gone.
Doing the exercises in Harry's training really opened my eyes! I am much more aware of what I'm doing and I much more enjoy my days."

Garrett Cassells

Digital Marketing Strategist

"Harry is a real master in managing all stakeholders in the project. Bring Harry on your project and success is guaranteed!"

Anouk Mennens

Revenue Assurance Auditor

"Harry is an excellent coach who has the skill to let people excel in what they're good at. He let people shine!"

Tom van Buitenen

Marketing Manager

"I see Harry as an archetype of a Project Manager. He will do everything to deliver agreed targets and exceeds in verbal and written communication."

Erik Kort

Writer, Patient Services Coordinator

"Harry Heijligers' Training added to my knowledge and familiarity about long-term motivation and did so in easily understood ways.

The Training gave many practical steps and examples that grounded it in daily life.

It certainly left me wanting more!

I've already recommended it to people who'll benefit from it just like I have."

About Me.

Hi, I am Harry Heijligers and I'm here to tell you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


How do you put your mind to a goal in such a way that you are guaranteed to achieve it?

Well... that's what you are going to discover when you read the articles on the blog, read some of my books, or follow some of my courses.

I invite you to explore your habits, your thinking, your mindset...

because we both know that you are much more capable of where you currently are.

How to use the anacoluthon to bypass the critical mind of your Stakeholders - Complete Guide


Complete Guide on how to use the Anacoluthon

for better Stakeholder Management

and More Influence

More Project Success

More Pleasure in Projects

Yes, show me how I can be more successful in my projects!